Sydney Pet Rescue & Adoption

We rescue abandoned pets from Death Row & find them new loving homes

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About our rescue

Sydney Pet Rescue and Adoption is a registered non-profit charity (CFN 20040) run entirely by volunteers, focusing on the rescue and re-homing of abandoned pets from Death Row in pounds.

We have a 'no-kill' policy. We do not have a central shelter and our rescued pets stay with a network of foster carers who provide loving temporary homes for these sometimes traumatised pets, until they find their fur-ever homes.

Each pet you adopt enables us to save another life from certain death..

We offer a minimum 4 week trial period with all pets and will take pets back if not compatible.

We are a member society of WSPA

Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible

About our services

We will match you with a suitable pet and give a trial period before the adoption is finalised. We can help you to re-home your pet as long as it can stay with you whilst we advertise it for you.

Our territory:

We are situated in Sydney South but have foster carers in different Sydney metropolitan areas


Dog Details

Oz Doggy ID:4770
Breed:Animal Shelter


Contact:Michelle Alber (President)
Phone:02 9576 1457
Mobile:0403 254 960
State:New South Wales

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