Dog Massage College - Canine Myofunctional Therapy. Small animal nutrition, equine/ horse massage.

Dog massage college in Australia. The National College of Traditional Medicine has distance learning modules specialising in canine myofunctional therapy. Australia's most established colleges teaching dog massage and developing special courses in canine, equine and small animal naturopathy. Also see dog massage therapy page for local practitioners.

Practising Certificate in Nutrition for Companion Pets

The National College of Traditional Medicine
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The Practising Certificate in Nutrition for Companion Pets allows you to have an understanding of canine & feline nutrition as it pertains to various stages of life. This is vital for them to survive and thrive. The information contained in this course will assist you with your choice of meeting the special nutritional needs for dogs and cats on an individual basis and to start your very own practice.


 Subjects covered in the certificate are:
  • Introduction to species appropriate nutrition
  • Commercial pet food
  • What is in pet food
  • Feeding bones
  • Feeding muscle meat and organ meat
  • Green leafy vegetable and fruit
  • Cereals and grains
  • Dairy products, eggs, and table scraps
  • Useful additives
  • Pregnancy, puppies and kittens
  • From adulthood and beyond
  • Protecting your pet: dangerous foods and chocolate toxicity
  • Case records
  • Research project
  • Business portfolio



Certificate in Canine Myofunctional Therapy (Professional Dog Massage)

The National College of Traditional Medicine
Starts: Current course underway. Contact us for next opening in this very popular and rewarding course - see our website link


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  • Certificate of Canine Myofunctional Therapy - Learn Professional Dog and Horse Massage. Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth. NCTM also specialise in other natural therapies for animals and people like hyponotherapy and remedial massage training.
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