Rottweiller X Ridgeback - Dog getting out

Rottweiller X Ridgeback - Dog getting out

Hi, I have a 6 year old female Rottweiller X Ridgeback, she is a beautifully natured girl and I have never had a problem with her getting out but recently she has started digging under the fence just to get to the front door and wait for me, I have resorted to putting her on a long chain at her kennel so she cant leave the yard(which breaks my heart) but she is just digging as close as possible to the nearest fence line, she has also started following me absolutely everywhere when we are inside the house at night, to the point where if i stop walking she literally has no room to stop before walking in to my legs and cries when I am in the bathroom and she isn't, i feel as though she may have seperation anxiety as she is regularly walked and has regular play dates with other dogs in my family so she couldnt possibly be bored, I have no idea how to reverse her behaviour, any suggestions?? Thanks, Nicola
Posted: 08/10/2007

ANSWER: Dog Getting out
An escape artist escapes because of its need to go 'hunting' as it perceives that that is her role. Her shadowing you and being unable to be alone indicates again that she needs to control where you go and see what you do. Over time this has developed and your interim solution of a chain is the best thing you can do for her to stop the escape, but now we need to address WHY she is doing this and this is a leadership issue. You are likely a lovely person, but this sort of breed needs a very firm, but fair and strong leader. Once that is sorted her behaviour will change. I would recommend starting to ignore her more for a while - so she appreciates when you give her attention. Make less eye contact, even if she tries and stares you out. Ignore her attention when she wants to. Best solved with some inhome visits.
Posted: 09/10/2007


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