toilet training issues with 11mth puppy

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toilet training issues with 11mth puppy

My 11mth toy poodle wont go thru the dog door on her own. so if she needs to go at night, its inside. sometimes she does try and wake me up - sometimes i sleep thru her scratching the bed. Also - during the day, if somewhere without a dog door - she will not tell me she needs to do I make her communicate to me...I need to go now!! She pooed at my mothers the other night and we are feeling most
Posted: 11/11/2007

ANSWER: toilet training issues with 11mth puppy
Like a human, a dog will have regular toilet stops, based on their food & water intake. This can be fine-tuned by what & when you feed her. Eg by feeding her a slightly larger meal in the morning, than at night, risks of problems at night are minimised. We also recommend toilet training on the leash, going to the same spot, so the dog learns what to do. When you mention 'wont go thru the dog door on her own' does that mean a 'doggy door'? - if this is the case, please review the article on doggy door training (see answer 12/10/07). By having a pattern you minimise problems, and the dog will learn easier to communicate her needs with you.
Posted: 12/11/2007

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