Staffy/Pittbull Whining all day and night

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Staffy/Pittbull Whining all day and night

My partner and I have a 10 month old staffy pittbull. He keeps us up all night whining and he jumps our fence and gets out. Is there anyway we can stop the whining especially at night? And what's the best way we can keep him occupied so that he doesn't jump the fence when no one is home? We also have a Kelpie that shares the back yard with him, they are both males.
Posted: 11/02/2008

REPLY: Staffy / Pittbull Whining all day and night.
Having two dogs of the same sex asks for problems, and I strongly recommend that the 'lower' hierarchy dog is desexed - if not to desex both to avoid fights. With the younger dog maturing, this is important. The escaping matter is a leadership issue. A dog that does not perceive strong leadership will escape to 'go hunting' and do what a pack leader is supposed to do. It will also whine for attention. Please review how you interact with your dogs, and seek professional advice of a behavioural trainer, as this will not go away and may get worse. In the short term, confinement will reduce the problem a lot (garage/shed etc), where the dogs cannot roam, especially at night and/or when you are away. Raise the fences, make the fences scale proof, all to avoid that they can get out. Kelpies have a horizontal spring in them, so they jump anything easily, and the younger dog will follow. Once learned - easy!
Posted: 18/02/2008

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