Border collie wont bark

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Border collie wont bark

Hi I have just recently moved to live in Alice springs, I have a beautiful 3 year old border collie. He is very playful with my two children my partner and I, but he wont bark at strangers.... Is there anything you could suggest to help train him to bark as a pre warning if someone is around?
Posted: 14/04/2008

ANSWER: Border collie wont bark
Interesting and many people would like your problem! Did the dog bark before moving? How long ago did you move (as moving is very stressful for a dog)? Depending on those answers I would give the dog some time and see what develops. If there is no change ? and you have heard him bark at recent occasions (so you know there is no medical reason for it) I would spent time teaching him to bark, and use people walking past as the trigger, and reward him for barking when people walk past. It is my experience that a dog will protect his 'pack', especially when there are kids involved, regardless of a bark or not.
Posted: 15/04/2008


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