Dog trying to get inside

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Dog trying to get inside

We have a 10 month old Red X Blue Heeler and every time we try and come inside any time of being out with him and pushes his way infront of you and when you finally get inside he starts to bark and jump at the door, is there any way to settle him down??? (message transferred from dog advice 10.05.08)
Posted: 10/05/2008

ANSWER: Dog trying to get inside
This young dog has serious leadership ambitions and wants to lead you into the house, and if he is not allowed in he wants to make it known that he should be in. Start some door desensitisation. Put him in leash, in the sit, before an opening door. Tell him to stay, open the door very slowly, and if he gets up the door closes. This will take some time, but the dog will learn to sit for a door to open. The next stage is than to keep the dog in the stay ? in the open door way - and walk into the house. Keep him staying and close the door in front of him. If he tries to get your attention after you have gone in ignore him. Close curtains / blinds if you have to stop this behaviour. If persists contact a reputable dog trainer.
Posted: 11/05/2008


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