Swimming pool and Beach Anxiety

Swimming pool and Beach Anxiety

Just adopted a Staffy X who is 1 yr old. At first she was scared at the Beach would not go near water. Now wants to rescue anyone who is in the water and gets very anxious when we don't let her go in.This started in the Backyard pool when she dragged my husband out of water by his hand. Cries, Barks, Pulls to get in after anyone will also stress and think someone is under the water when they are not. Also swallows a lot of water when at the beach. It is not a very pleasant trip to the Beach at the moment. However, ok at home when no one is in the pool but stresses when she hears neighbours kids splashing in their pool next door. Any suggestions.
Posted: 14/02/2009   

ANSWER: Swimming pool and Beach Anxiety
As she is adopted you may not know the full history of the dog ? and she may well have had a bad experience in the past with water / pools etc. She may also have been allowed to do this ? I would try and calm her on the leash when she see these things and not let her go, as her behaviour may frighten people more. Only when she is ?desensitised? of this behaviour you may consider letting her off the leash. If persist I would get a behavioural trainer to help you.
Posted: 15/02/2009

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