German Shepherd won't grow up, NSW.

German Shepherd won't grow up, NSW.

We have a 6 year old male German Shepherd, who was desexed at 6 months. Our problem with him is that he still chews/destroys items left out in the yard, and refuses to behave when out of the yard. He is aggressive or boisterous toward other dogs and will not obey commands out of the yard, but will work off lead in our back yard. We have taken him to several dog trainers & he was desexed in the hope it would settle him down. We were hoping that he would grow out of this behaviour but at 6 he is still destroying items and we can not take him anywhere. At 42 kilos he is to big to work with even on a check chain. He gets attention but I would suggest to you the more he gets the more he plays up. Any advice of any nature would be appreciated. Thank you, David.
Posted: 20/02/2009

ANSWER: German Shepherd won't grow up, NSW.
At 6 months and 42 kilos ? that is a big boy!! He will still be a puppy / adolescent for at least another 6 months - so yes he will push boundaries. As you commented the more attention, the more he wants and plays up - I would start reducing interaction, and ONLY interaction on your terms, not when the dog wants it. It has to do with leadership; your dog has high aspirations and may improve with some agreed guidelines that all in the family adhere to. I would also start him on a head collar like a Gentle Leader, rather than a chain, as they have a great calming effect as well. You need to take your time getting him used to it. Also, if this all persists, please get a behavioural trainer. If you contact me directly, I may be able to make some recommendations.
Posted: 21/02/2009

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