big dog thinks he is little

big dog thinks he is little

Hi i have a bull arab x stag hound he is 9 months. For the last few weeks he has been rolling and playing really ruff with my 3 mini foxies. He is also pushing past people on the stairs. I have tried training him but my work hours are getting in the way. How can i stop my puppy from doing this as he is going to hurt someone soon?.
Posted: 07/07/2009

ANSWER: big dog thinks he is little
Nature will take care of its own, and when he gets too rough, the mini foxies will let him know. They are traditionally not a breed that is shy and not forthcoming - and obviously the big boy has a great nature. He has to learn not to be rough, and that will happen with the inter-dog interaction. The matter of the stairs and with people would be more serious and needs training. I am sorry with this sort of dog you need to find time to train him - and training can be done at any time, and nearly try and find 15 min a day to make quality time with your boy and have the benefit of his training for the next ten years.....
Posted: 08/07/2009

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