Decrease your dogs environmental footprint

Decrease your dogs environmental footprint

Aussie Pooch Mobile offers a way for your dog to help decrease his footprint and do his part for the earth. 

Operating since 1991 with almost 200 franchises world wide, environmentally aware dogs and their owners are choosing Aussie Pooch Mobile for the company’s commitment to the environment, and for their philosophy of ‘we care’.

As well as taking measures to be water-wise all products used are environmentally friendly so they won’t harm your dog, the operator or the environment.

“When I founded Aussie Pooch Mobile in 1991, my key concern was making things better for dogs and the environment,” says founder, Chris Taylor.

“A water savvy way of washing pets was essential and the hydrobath ticked all the boxes while ensuring the dogs were clean. In fact, today hydrobathing your dog only uses 20 litres of water, which is a substantial water saving. With the majority of our customers having their pooches washed every two weeks this amounts to less than two litres of water per day. A lot less than using the old hose and bucket.”

“The solutions used in the hydrobath were researched extensively to help ensure there would be no long term problems for the health of ourselves, our pets or the environment as I’d experienced first hand the effects of chemicals in certain solutions. If my skin reacted badly, so would the dogs.”

The products Aussie Pooch Mobile use are all PH selected specially for dogs’ skin. Natural ingredients include pine oil, tea tree oil, rosemary, lavender, vitamin E, coconut oil and neem oil.

Aussie Pooch Mobile was also the first company to implement a code of practice for all hydrobath users.

“One of the requirements in the code of practice relates to how the water and solution is released into the environment,” explains Chris. “It is never put down storm water drains and the water is distributed onto the garden or grass area so it is not wasted.

“While the water crisis has abated somewhat, we still have to be extremely water conscious.”

The Hydrobath is a warm fresh water dog wash using environmentally friendly flea kill solutions and will clean your dog’s coat and relieve skin problems and improve coat condition. After washing your dog’s coat, your pampered pooch will receive: brushing; nail clipping; ear and eye care; aromacare; deodorant; blowing drying; and a doggy treat.

Aussie Pooch Mobile also offers: pet insurance; a range of pet products and services; grooming; toys and treats.

Aussie Pooch Mobile also educates their customers on responsible pet ownership, the best products for their dogs and the planet, right down to using biodegradable bags to pick up doggy poop.

“I am very passionate about the environment as I want my children and their children’s children and their pets to have the benefit of this wonderful world in years to come,” says Chris.

Aussie Pooch Mobile is the World’s First and Premier Dog Wash and Care franchise system Visit or phone 1300 369 369

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