Dog massage promotes health and wellbeing for Aussie Pooches

Dog massage promotes health and wellbeing for Aussie Pooches

The health benefits of massage have long been recognised, and more and more people are turning to massage to cope with the stress of their daily lives to recover from injury, or purely just to pamper themselves.

And it is for the exact same reasons that Aussie Pooch Mobile has introduced hydrotherapy massage for dogs – ‘Pooch Massage’ – as part of the mobile hydrobath service. 

“It is just beginning to be understood that dogs suffer the same kind of stresses as humans and benefit from massage in the exact same way, so we’ve introduced a new massage technique, using the pressurised water from the hydrobath. We use specially formulated solutions including aromatherapy oils, which also have the added benefits of calming your dog and helping with skin problems,” says Christine Taylor Aussie Pooch Mobiles Founder. 

Aussie Pooch Mobile was the first mobile hydrobath service to offer dog massage and Chris says the benefits are immense. Professionally administered dog massage assists in:


Maintaining health and wellness

Increasing blood circulation and eliminating toxins

Restoring range of motion and flexibility especially in dogs who have hip dysplasia or arthritis

Reducing recovery time after surgery

Increasing bone density

Helping alleviate pain

Soothing tired muscles after heavy exercise

Reducing injury time

Creating much-need physical contact

Making your dog feel fantastic 

“The Aussie Pooch Mobile ‘Pooch Massage’ was introduced after vast research in Australia and in the USA on the benefits of dog massage. Operators have been provided with specific additional training and perform the massage using the hydrobath to gently, but firmly manipulate the muscles. It is relaxing and rehabilitating and is also a great way to pamper your dog.” 



With over 175 franchises world wide, Aussie Pooch Mobile are the choice hydrobath operators for the care of your dog and the environment. 

All products used are Environmentally Friendly which means they will not harm your dog, the operator or the environment. Products are all PH selected specially for dogs' skin to achieve the best possible results for your dog. Natural ingredients include pine oil, tea tree oil, rosemary, lavender, vitamin E, coconut oil and neem oil. 

Aussie Pooch Mobile is the World’s First and Premier Dog Wash and Care franchise system Visit or phone 1300 369 369

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