Urgent Help Needed - NSW Sydney - American Staffie scared of bombs and guns

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Urgent Help Needed - NSW Sydney - American Staffie scared of bombs and guns

I have a 3yr old American Staffie who in the past couple of months has been having issues with the local Military base letting off bombs and using the firing range. He is trying to break into the house jumping through windows etc. The noise scares him to bits and never used to. He is not only causing damage to the house but he is injuring him self in the mean time. Can you offer any advise on how I can get him over the new fear of bombs and guns ??? He is also already on Clomicalm but it doesnt seem to be working. I am at my wits end and I dont want to and cant just get rid of him because he has a fear. PLEASE HELP ME :(

ANSWER: Staffie NSW Army base with noise issues
Yes this can be serious. Is there any identifiable reason when his tolerance changed? That would help as it could have started with a specific noise. Clomicalm, not unlike anti-depressants - takes time to start its work, so check with your vet and also if needed review the dose and also ask about using a DAP Diffuser (available from your vet), which uses Dog Appeasing Pheromone. I would also record the noises and play them when you are at home with the dog and when no response, reward with treats and build up volume and confidence. If you know when the noises are scheduled you can build up a great desensitisation program. I urge you to seek professional advice if persists. 

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