Development of Maltese pup

Development of Maltese pup

I'm looking at a maltese pup, it's 5 weeks, too young to leave mum, anyway, the owner said she was developing as fast as her brother, what did she mean?
Posted: 04/10/2007

ANSWER: Development of Maltese pup
It is a little like a premature child - most of them survive, but some of them have health & other problems later in life. By taking the pup away from its pack too early it misses a critical development period and very important issues, like learning to play bite, social manners, how to deal with new things etc. In the early stages you would become its surrogate mum - and it is probable that she will have problems with other dogs in the future. Therefore we don't recommend taking pups away from their family too early, preferring to give them time to develop doggie skills and etiquette with their brothers and sisters.
Posted: 05/10/2007

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