Dog created a track in the back garden

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Dog created a track in the back garden

My labradors has created a track in the back yard, they run around the track and go crazy doing laps, at the end of each lap one labby spins in a circle barking as people walk past our back fence on their own or with their dogs. Not sure how to stop them creating a track and barking at people and going crazy as they pas the back fence? Hayley
Posted: 28/11/2010   

Answer: Dog created a track in the back garden
This is stress - and should be addressed. The dogs perceive themselves in charge of the house and do 'border control' and follow this 'security round' so often that it becomes a track and 'learned' displacement behaviour. Ideally you need to change this and get them away from this as it will only get worse and may lead to escapism etc. Besides it would also not be nice for the neighbours, let alone for the dogs. Seek advice from a good behavioural trainer.
Posted: 29/11/2010

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