Help with a new dog

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Help with a new dog

I recently bought a new puppy. She is a 5month old dane. She is great with other dogs but seems scared of humans. I want to take her to puppy school but needs some tips before we go there. Have only just gotten her to walk with a lead on but we haven't got that perfect yet.

Reply: Help with a new dog
You will be hard to find a puppy class for a 5 m/o Great Dane, as most puppy classes are only up to 16 weeks. If he is great with other dog ? which is one of the key issues you do puppy classes for - he may well be ready for small intimate reward based juvenile classes. I would suggest you look for smaller classes, as they cheer number of people / dogs at an obedience class can make things worse. Also, ignoring his shyness ? in other words not acknowledging it ? will help to. Dogs, like children need to find their own way and time to learn ? and mollycoddling achieves the opposite. I would recommend that you walk him on a Gentle Leader or similar head collar ? they help a lot with these sorts of issues. If persists, seek professional help. 

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