Great Dane troubles

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Great Dane troubles

I have a 17 month old, desexed female Great Dane. She has always enjoyed rough play including mouthing, running, tumbling etc. She is very submissive around adult dogs and plays well with most of them. She does on occasion choose a more submissive dog than her (often a pup)and nips their rump in an attempt to get them to play (which I know is regular dog play) but what is concerning is that if that dog does not want to play with her or becomes stressed she gets fixated with 'making' it play and she continues this and won't leave the dog alone. It scares the dog and it's owner. It is not aggressive but very bullying behaviour. The other owners often get upset.I can remove her for some time but she just goes straight back!
Posted: 11/04/2010

Reply: Great Dane troubles
She is still a young dog and playful - but with her behaviour she could scar other dogs for life - and make them aggressive eg to larger dogs because of the bad experience they have had with your dog. I would put her on the leash and approach the other dog on the leash and teach her trough leash management what is & isn't allowed. Over time give her more freedom and as she learn you should be able to eradicate the issue, or have a good management system in place. If persists, get professional help.
Posted: 12/04/2010

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