Moving and adjusting to a new environment. Dog Chasing Possums

Moving and adjusting to a new environment. Dog Chasing Possums

HI,My dog of 9 yrs (labXwolfhound) and I are moving into a new house about 30 mins away. My dog has been an outside dog since i have owned her at 3mths. My bf and his smaller dog (mini foxy-who thinks he is a human and is an inside dog which likes to mess on carpet) are moving in also. What strategies can i do to help my dog adjust to the new environment? As well as strategies to help the mini foxy be more of an outside dog and stop messing inside? Secondly, Do you have any remedies for keeping possums away from the property, as my large dog likes to chase them? thank you for your time. 

Reply: Moving and adjusting to a new environment. Chasing Possums

With computer problems galore, I seem not to have replied – my apologies.  Moving is very stressful for dogs, more than it is for people. So please be patient. A move allows for new rules and new approach to be implemented and with patience, guidance and praise you can get a long way. Important is to establish the right leadership from the moment you move, and e.g. no dog comes in unless toileted before let in. Once the two dogs have settled great to try and get them to be together, e.g. inside and outside, and on the mat etc. Start putting the mini foxy out with the big dog for short times and reward when quiet and only bring in when quiet. Teach him it is OK to be out and never use outside as punishment as you will be back to ‘0’. On the possum side, they are protected in VIC, so my dogs sleep inside in the laundry.  That gives is a no barking, safe environment, and as there as limited windows, they sleep longer – important in summer time!

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