Mini dachshund is obsessive compulsive dog, Sydney (NSW)

Mini dachshund is obsessive compulsive dog, Sydney (NSW)

My mini dachshund has recently become obsessed with something along the side of our house. ALL day everyday she runs along the side of the house looking up towards the windows and gutters and jumping up on the wall. There is nothing there as far as we can see. When we block off the side of the house she scratches at the blockade and starts whining. She wont listen to us or come inside when we call unless we physically pick her up and bring her inside. It's as if she has obsessive compulsive disorder. Do you have any suggestions on how to stop this?
Posted: 17/10/2009

Answer Obsessive compulsive dog, Sydney
Thanks for your enquiry and yes I think this looks like obsessive compulsive behaviour. I am not sure if she could have seen eg possum, mice, pigeons etc - and because they can be there at different times, chasing them reinforces that behaviour. Blocking access to the spot may not stop that. I would recommend that you try and put her outside near another part of the house - away from the source and for her to unlearn, by being away from the stimuli that trigger the behaviour. Unless you know what it is, and have access to the stimuli, desensitisation can occur at that location. Her listening is affected as well - I would do an exercise like the 'Watch' to teach her to respond to you. If persist, get a good behavioural trainer as this sort of behaviour could result in bodily harm of the animal.
Posted: 18/10/2009

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