Excessive barking at other dogs

Excessive barking at other dogs

Jessie, is a kelpie and whenever we are at obedience school she constantly barks at other dogs. Disrupts the class, and will not learn, as she is continously barking. Help!
Posted: 26/07/2010

Answer: Excessive barking at other dogs
Being a Kelpie she has a very high chase drive, and she will use her voice to try and herd the other dogs. If she did not get good social skills from early puppyhood this may well be expressed in her excessive barking. The best way is to desensitize her on the other dogs and to get her to focus on you. Start teaching her the ?watch? or similar at home before you try it at the obedience class. Make sure that this is solid, before you start adding distractions. Seek help of a professional as needed.
Posted: 27/07/2010

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