Nasty Nipping Collie, Melbourne VIC

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Nasty Nipping Collie, Melbourne VIC

Nasty Nipping Collie, Melbourne VIC
I have a 16 month old collie male, whenever we're out walking with my other 2 dogs and I stop or do anything without his approval he turns and nips at my leg, and he's nipped my other dog too when he gets in the way. He won't try dominating my other male dog, but he humps and is humped by my female staffy.
Posted: 14/11/2010

Answer: Nasty Nipping Collie, Melbourne VIC
It sounds like your BC runs the household and perceives itself to be the leader of the pack. BC are herding animals and therefore use their nips to keep things together, and because he is 16 m/o he is sexually and physically maturing and this may lead to taking the top leadership UNLESS you gain that pack leadership. It may even be that he sees you as his partner..... I think you need to get help to solve this as it will not go away, rather will get worse. You may want to contact me directly or seek help from a local behavioural trainer.

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