My mis-conception

She was a dog walker too!

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When Bella, Bimba, Jess, Tara and I - entered the dog park last week, I noticed a lady in a wheel chair (of course Jess ran flat out to investigate!). I thought what most people think: 'Oh gee, I am so lucky. That poor lady. I wonder what happened to her.'

She had a lovely dog with her, it looked very exotic. Sweet as pie. It ran up to greet me.

The lady seemed quite at first. Although, when Jess (38k Golden Retriever) tried to jump on her lap, she started to laugh.

I proudly discussed the dogs I had with me, and we watched and laughed as they played and tried to grab each others tails.

She asked if they all were mine, and I boasted I am a dog walker, and explained why I think I have the best job in the world.

She then smiled, and told me she was a dog walker to.

I was stunned. I saw this lady, and immediately assumed her limitations. But, she has no use of her legs - but indeed does what I do - and titles herself as a dog walker.

How foolish of me.



State:New South Wales

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