Why is my neighbour's dog barking all the time?

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Why is my neighbour's dog barking all the time?

Good question! Unlike humans, dogs cannot get into cars and drive to work each day. Most of the time, they are left at home all alone whilst their humans do this (go to work, that is). What is worse is when the owners of the dog rarely spend any time with it, even when they are home. This creates a dog that is even more frustrated due to utter boredom and will find ways of relieving this.

To get a better idea, let's look at the day in the eyes of the dog:

"Mum and Dad have gone again for the day, can't wait for them to get home, I really miss them when they're gone - I get so bored by myself. But then again, they really don't come out and say hello to me when they are home anyway! I'm feeling really frustrated these days."

"Well, since I'm going to be by myself again, I might as well do what I am really good at...protect my home. I know I'm really good at it because my mum and dad tell me so whenever they come out and throw toys at me or bark in that really loud voice of theirs. It's also a good way of getting them to come out to see me...I'm really clever that way!"

"Today I plan to bark at every noise and at anything I see. I may take a quick nap but then it's straight back to work - no rest for the wicked! My mum and dad will be so proud that they bought me as a watch dog."

So this now gives you a better understanding of how that poor dog next door must be feeling. Imagine if someone put you in the same room, day in, day out for the rest of your'd be a little stir crazy as well.

So as much as it's frustrating for you to have to listen to this dog bark all day, there's really no point blaming the dog, he's only doing what he thinks he should be and with lots of time to spare. Concentrate your efforts on your neighbours, perhaps give them the number of a trainer or training school, speak with them about the problem and that you feel sorry for this dog. Remember, it is important to not get angry but get clever.

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