Pet information in support of our tenancy application

A helpful template letter to use when you have pets and are aplying for rental accommodation.

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Thank you to Carey who wrote to us below. 

(May 10, 2007) 

Dear Oz Doggy,

I recently have been applying for rental properties, but have been overlooked constantly. I have two animals, and I been looking for accommodation that would take them. I was constantly being overlooked, even though everything else was in order. I constantly thought that if they just could meet my pets, they would realize they would be no threat. Then, I had a brainwave. I started making applications with a statement about our pets included. I then was offered several properties on the same day, and could make my choice!.

So, I have appended a generic letter which could be used by inserting other relevant names. I am happy for the generic one to be used by genuine people in need in support of any tenancy application. I hope you find them useful.



Pet information in support of our tenancy application



To whom it may concern:


Enter Name are very concerned that we may be overlooked as tenants because of our pets - namely enter pet types/ breed.  We would like to be upfront and honest that we have these pets and thought that giving you extra information about them, may make our potential landlord happier to grant our application. 


A payment of a pet bond may make the landlord more at ease, along with providing character references for our pets.


Enter description of Pet(s) and their cute idiosyncrasies. They are both non-destructive, well behaved pets. For that reason we are confident in saying there will be no damage to the property because of these pets, and we are very content to supply a pet bond and a written statement to that effect.


We believe honesty is the best policy and although many people have advised us not to disclose the presence of our pets, we are uncomfortable with the morals of that approach. We hope that this letter makes both landlord and agent happier to deal with us.


Thank you for your time and we/ I look for ward to hearing from you.


Kind regards,




Enter name(s) and sign





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