Mini Foxies (Miniature Fox Terriers)

The Mini Foxie Club of Australia Inc was formed in July 1986 and was originally known as the Miniature Fox Terrier Club of Australia.

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One of the smallest dogs and a descendant of the fox terrier family, the popularity of the Mini Foxie is growing internationally but they are still relatively unknown outside of Australia. Similar to the Toy Fox Terrier, aka the "Little Foxie", this friendly little dog is a favourite with Australians. Several parliamentarians made reference to the breed during recent legislative hearings on canine issues. 'Pasqua' and 'Fergus', owned by Anthony Field of The Wiggles, are Mini Foxies, and Ian Thorpe, the Australian Olympic swimmer, has spoken fondly of Tiny, his Miniature Fox Terrier, in several interviews. Toby Allen of Human Nature is another devotee of these dogs.

The Mini Foxie was originally a working terrier, still in demand on farms across Australia. They are very popular as pets and enjoy playing the pampered pooch. As long as their active minds are kept stimulated with games or toys and they receive at least moderate exercise, they make excellent urban and apartment dwellers.


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Oz Doggy ID:3779
Breed:Toy Fox Terrier


Contact:Mini Foxie Club of Australia Inc.
Phone:02 9449 8530
City:Sydney, Bris, Canberra, Melb
State:Australia Wide

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