White UK bull terrier.

Flawless temprement. Great with kids, perfect physical standard. A cut above the rest for prime breeding.

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About my dog breed

The bull terrier was bred specifically for companionship in the mid 1800's. A perfectly proud noble and muscular structure with a short low matainence coat, and requiring little exersize, this is a breed of low requirements.

Dispite common opinion, this breed is very responsive to training and are highly intellegent.

Socialization from an early age is essential to curb a tendancy toward dog aggression. Though if socialised correctly, you will be hard pressed finding a more tolorant and patient dog.

This breed posseses an almost "human quality". Prefering to sleep on couches rather than in a kennel, sitting up rather than lying down. They possess a dignified approach to life.

They have an awesome sense of humour and often play the clown. You will often find your bully asleep on his back with all four's stiff in the air. They will at times "talk", which can often be misread as a growl. Though it seems to be a verbally expressed communication. They also do a thing called "the bully run". Which is where they kick there ears back and run in an erratic manner for minutes on end. This is hilarious to witness! As though they are overwelmed with the exitement of living. Not recommended for a first dog owner or anybody who hasn't got time to invest in there dog.

A good guard dog, somehow knowing weather people are just visiting or have bad intentions.

With proper traing and socialisation, you will have yourself the most feircly loyal and plesent dog of all breds.

Thanks to Wolfgang for this breed Description.


Dog Details

Oz Doggy ID:4015
Breed:Bull Terrier


Phone:9534 0987
Mobile:0402 635 185
Suburb:St Kilda

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