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Wanted free to good hm pdog up to 2 yrs old, Croydon Sydney 2132 (NSW)
My son has autism 15yrs old, im looking for a short hair (allergic to long hair but short is cleared by doctors) placid dog that is easy to care for son. Im home duties so they will be loved extremely small or medium, prefer bull arab x mastiff x stayy x but not am staf. Small breeds ok but no foxy. My sons autism and am staf or foxy are not good mixes ive tried these dogs around him the dogs are fine but hes not. Ive owned huskys malimutes, sharpeis german shepherds and jack Russel and my friend loans us his dog bull arab x ridgeback x mastiff 2yrs old which is placid as and my son loves but its not his dog as he calls it.this dog is in our livescand will be a playmate for a new addition almost every weekend. We go bush camping on own property land only so plenty of room to roam and walk him, we go to rivers, 4wdriving. Dog needs to be able to handle noise and engines as im often around 4wds military vehiclescand trucks and tanks, willing to vary routine if not capable of these noises. Fireworks loud bangs i have experience in and know what to do as per introducing new dogs as well. Any help would be grately appreciated. I always believe a rehomed dog transition needs to be at the dogs pace but the dog will be dearly loved and be welcome inside and outside dog and a part of our daily lives and car journeys. Many thanks. Also if you have any information regarding campaign dogs in nsw that too would be appreciated.
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