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Dogs on the page are free to a good home and people are encouraged to find a suitable new home. Avoid dog scams - read the info below re: Dog Scams never send money to anywhere in Africa via Western Union!

The permanent indentification of dogs in Australia is a requirement for all dogs for sale - but not dogs free to a good home. We do however encourage you to mention if your dog is microchipped. $10 adverts are often flooded very quickly with enquries. We always try remove as we have advice new premium dogs have found new homes. This can happen in a few hours, a day, several days or a week or two. PLEASE tell us when your dog has found a home. This is a very busy noticeboard!

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  • Oz Doggy encourages people offering their pet free to a good home - to read this advice. every single successful rehoming achieved is a good result - every single problem avoided - a good result.
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