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Travel Dogs Australia Blog - Added March 2011
The Travel Dogs Australia Blog lets you know about new places to stay and play as you and your dog travel around Australia.
Category Champion : Pet Services

Diary of a dog scammer (sell scam) - Beware dogs + Cameroon
Category Champion :
Melbourne Victoria 3000

MEDIA RELEASE: National College of Traditional Medicine
2007 Australian Achiever Award for Victoria's Health & Fitness & Supplies category
Pet Services
Melbourne Victoria 3020
My mis-conception
She was a dog walker too!

Sydney New South Wales 2068
Pet information in support of our tenancy application
A helpful template letter to use when you have pets and are aplying for rental accommodation.
Pet Services
Melbourne Victoria 3000
Picnics in Dog Parks
By Beccy

New South Wales
Steel dog created by Andy Scott for South Australia vet clinic.
Scottish sculptor creates iconic steel dog for South Australia.
South Australia
The Responsibility (Beccy)
By Beccy

New South Wales
The Responsibility, cont

New South Wales
The Vet and the Secret Back Room
What happens there?

Sydney New South Wales 2000
Why is my neighbour's dog barking all the time?
Answer supplied by: Four Paws K9 Training (Melbourne)

Melbourne Victoria 3032
Doctor Poo - Dog Poo Analyst
Doctor Poo steps out

Melbourne Victoria 3000
Doctor Poo welcomes NZ sample
Thanks Tim from NZ for latest Doctor Poo samples
The Beach New Zealand Deposit
Dog Blog: Flash - 1978
Flash was a farm dog

Melbourne Victoria 3186
For the love of the Dog. (Beccy)
By Beccy

New South Wales
Key factors when dealing with a Breeder. (Beccy)
By Beccy

New South Wales



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