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Dog advice from Bec - from dogs that jump at clothes on the clothes line, dog escape artists, dogs that pant and shiver at the same time. Bec has great practical advice for dog owners. Bec has answered over 400 questions of free dog behaviour advice for dog owners in Australia. These advice pages should act only as part of your research into any particular problem. Both Bec and Oz Doggy always encourage dog owners to seek professional dog training for serious or dangerous behavioural traits - or see your vet or animal health professional about medical issues.


Beccy owned 'Paws on Paths' on Sydney North Shore

Oz Doggy dog advice and dog behaviour problems were answered by our resident dog advice guru, Bec - The Sydney Dogwalker. Bec owned her own dog walking business Paws on Paths until 2013 - where she daily puts all her skills in to practice caring for dogs and other pets in Sydney. She is also the proud mother of Jimbo the Wonder Dog, her very cute Jack Russell.



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  • Picnic in Dog Park? Bad idea. (Beccy)
    When arriving at the dog park today, with Jess, Bella, Bimba and Oscar - a group of five decided the dog park would be a good place to have a picnic with their new born and 3 todlers. This maybe understandable if they had the family dog with them, b
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrior - Taking Fit/collapsing
    If it's happening only once or twice a year, the negative side effects of medicating your Staffy possibly out-weight the pro's
  • Key factors when dealing with a Breeder. (Beccy)
    Most registered and respected breeders, will only actively breed one or two breeds. Puppy farmers may breed any where from five breeds and up. Stick with the smaller breeders. Stay away from news paper block adds, if this seems your best opti
  • The Responsibility (Beccy)
    When looking at my Jack Russell X, who we adopted just over a year ago ? I wonder what on earth goes through some peoples heads, when they purchase a dog. Do they think they just have to feed it, and walk it once a day ? and that?s about it? Why isn?
  • For the love of the Dog. (Beccy)
    My cousin is about to have her first baby, in two weeks. We are all so excited! Her brother-in law, lives inter state. Although, it seems he/they will not come to see them, when the baby is born ? as they don?t want to leave their dog. I am cons
  • Question: Cross breed of Poodle and Jack Russell
    Can any one please tell me about this new breed of dog and possible supply any pictures there maybe. kind regards Answer: Jack Russell X Poddle I think I have actually seen a Jack / Poodle! Although it looked nothing like a Jack or Poodle! I dont
  • Q: PITT BULLS? We are looking at getting a puppy..
    Question: PITT BULLS? We are looking at getting a puppy and my partner really wants a pitt bull i always thought pitt bulls were aggressive dogs and known for turning on people is this right.We have a two year old daughter so if theres any danger
  • Q: Allergy to dog Saliva
    Question: Allergy to dog saliva My daughter and I haven?t worried too much about my jack russell licking her baby's face as he is wormed etc regularly and in good health. Son-in-law on the other hand is not happy about the j r even being near his
  • Q: Colour of a dogs tongue
    Question: Colour of dog's tongue? My dog's tongue has been looking a bit.. Pale? (Light pink) for a few days. is this the normal colour of the tongue? or is it meant to be of a more darker, red- pink shade? Posted: 04/11/2005 Answer: Colour
  • 7 month old lab/sheperd mix started peeing on our bed
    Boo is a 7 month old lab/sheperd mix. A stray we kept. She's very lovable with a cheerful disposition. However she has recenlty started peeing on our bed. What is this caused by and how can we stop it? Posted: 19/09/2006 Answer: pees on master's
  • Australian Terriers keep getting out
    I have 2 Australian terrier dogs 1 is 2.5 and the other is 1. They keep getting out there was a stage of 6 months where they didnt get out and now its started again it is driving my partner and i to our wits end and we even built new fences to keep t
  • My 5 month old Beagle jumps up and bites peoples faces
    My puppy who is a 5month old Beagle, she always jumps up and bites peoples faces and as she lives with kids she is biting there faces. i have taught her the basic training and a bit more. i get her to sit now before she gets attention which seems to
  • fighting dogs,desexed already PLEASE HELP
    We have 2 pups,male,desexed.They cry if seperated,and are ok most of the time, but get into big fights usually over pigs ear or similar.They are in an enclosure,purpose built,and I am not home all the time.They are brothers, breeder lied &told me it
  • Q: My little deaf poodle has a problem his coat
    Question: Care for buddy HI: My little deaf poodle has a problem his coat at the rear, and his back legs are getting stained a light brown. How can i fix the problem? Please help: Newcastle n.s.w. Posted: 28/10/2005 Answer: Buddy You might
  • Question: Excessive scratching - young pup
    Question: Excessive scratching - young pup Hi :) I have an 8-week-old pup who was purchased from another family when he was 7 weeks, and I've noticed that he is excessively scratching the area around his ears and nibbling the base of his tail. As a
  • Question: Dogs on Sydney Harbour Ferries
    Question: Dogs on Sydney Harbour Ferries Can anyone tell if dogs are allows to travel on sydney harbour ferries? Posted: 23/11/2005 Answer: Dogs on Sydney Harbour Ferries I would assume that only assistance, or seeing eye dogs would be allow

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