Q: Colour of a dogs tongue

Q: Colour of a dogs tongue

Question: Colour of dog's tongue?

My dog's tongue has been looking a bit.. Pale? (Light pink) for a few days. is this the normal colour of the tongue? or is it meant to be of a more darker, red- pink shade?
Posted: 04/11/2005

Answer: Colour of Dog's Tongue

Dog's use their tongues as their built in air-conditioners. The gums contain mucous membranes, which can change colour from whites, to purples and blood reds. These generally offer indications of medical conditions. Where as the tongue doesn?t really reflect such things. You may find that your dogs tongue may change colour dependant on the weather, which would indicate blood circulation etc. Should the situation continue to worry you, please seek advice from your vet.
Posted: 07/11/2005

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