How to stop excessive dog barking - Advice from Aussie dog owners to help prevent excessive dog barking

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Several years ago we read about a fire fighter in Port Douglas who arrived home to find written death threats against his dogs. His wife was concerned and so was he, that an annoyed neighbour would go so far as to write such a letter.

The neighbour was annoyed at the constant barking of the dogs. And while the firefighter agreed his two unattended dogs did bark when he was away, he certainly didn't deserve such aggressive communication.

While it is a popular fact that around 50% of Australian families own a cat or a dog, it then follows that 50% of the population do not. It is the right of families to own a dog, but it is also the right of neighbours not to be greatly impacted by that decision.

Oz Doggy was founded in 2004 with a belief that dogs who are actively engaged with their owners, actively exercised and socialised, properly trained and lovingly minded when families are on holiday - help create a happier society - and of course a happier dog.

Please find below useful tips to help you, your dog and your neighbours live a happier life.
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Paul @ Oz Doggy
(Updated August 2016)

 Bored Barking Dog - How to stop excessive dog barking
Advice 1 - Barking Dogs are Bored Dogs - Supplied by Jean's Puppy Pre-school (Melbourne)
Many dogs bark in the house or garden when their owners are out.  The main reason is that left to their own devices, without companionship, your dog is simply bored and is looking for amusement and barking often fulfils the need - read more


Advice 2 - Barking is No 1 complaint around Australia - Supplied by Positive Response Dog Training (Brisbane)

Barking is the no 1 complaint around australia. Home owners often don’t know their dogs are barking until they get a nasty letter in their letterbox from a neighbour or a council complaint. These are some of the things that barking can be related to ... read more


Advice 3 - Barking dogs are stressed dogs - Supplied by Paw Behaviour (Melbourne)

WOOF WOOF WOOF! --- shhhhhhh - Barking dogs are stressed dogs causing stress!  Do you have fun with your dog & walk him daily? Do you play games and teach him tricks? Does he come inside and join in family activities? If your dog is not stimulated and feels isolated... read more


Advice 4 - Why did I want this dog? - Supplied by Danielle Janssen-Groesbeek

Remember first: What kinda dog is it what I have, where are they bred for? This are the first steps you need to think of/ remember. Can you see anything in your dogs behaviour, after knowing where he/she is bred for, what is obvious now?... read more


Advice 5 - A good dog is a tired dog - Supplied by Petacular Services (Sydney)

People often wonder why their dog is destructive or barks a lot and my question to them is: "How often do you walk your dog?" and also: "How would you cope being locked in a house or yard, by yourself without being able to get out?" more


Advice 6 - Don’t turn a dog being outside into ‘being alone’ - Supplied by K9 Coach (Melbourne)

Don’t turn being outside into ‘being alone’: this gives the dog an association related with you being away.  A dog should be outside not just the days of work/school etc., but also on the weekends, so being outside becomes a ‘happy place to be’ more