A good dog is a tired dog

Supplied by Sandra of Petacular Services (Sydney)

People often wonder why their dog is destructive or barks a lot and my question to them is: "How often do you walk your dog?" and also: "How would you cope being locked in a house or yard, by yourself without being able to get out?"

If you find your dog barks during the day whilst you are at work then perhaps you should start walking your dog for at least 1/2 hour to an hour before leaving. If this is not possible then invest in a dog walker (like myself), we can help you not receive nasty letters from neighbours and help your dog too.

Working dogs (Kelpies, Border Collies and Cattle Dogs etc.) require up to 60 kilometres of exercise per day! This is why it is so important that you:

(a) Rescue or buy a dog that will suit your lifestyle; not everyone can offer that much exercise for a dog. There are many sites with breed descriptions that will help you decide. And,
(b) Ensure you walk your dog every day. No matter what breed of dog, it is important that their muscles and brain are stimulated otherwise this can cause social problems amongst humans and or other dogs.