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Dog rescue includes dogs available for adoption. Oz Doggy provides free promotion for 17 pet rescue organisations in Australia, animal welfare, dog adoption, dog rescue and lost dog shelter organisations in Australia. These provide a valuable service in re-housing and saving unwanted dogs.

Oz Doggy gladly provides free promotion with FULL advertiser profile, web links and logo to these Pet Rescue Organisations in Australia - all we ask is a simple link back. Add your rescue details here - THEN contact us with your link to Oz Doggy. As soon as we see an Oz Doggy link live on your rescue site - no matter how big or small - we activate your advert on this page....FREE!

Can you help Carlie in New Zealand (who is the sister of Oz Doggy owner Paul) and her project to save unwanted dogs in New Zealand from being put down - just because the local council may be trying to reach a weekly quota or worse - its simply easier?

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  • A program which brings young dogs from the Northern Territory to NSW and finding them new homes. The program, which rescues adorable desert dogs, is run by Warlukurlangu Artists of Yuendumu
    Animal Shelter
    Northern Territory / NSW
  • Helping our four legged friends find the loving homes they deserve
    Animal Shelter
    New South Wales 2000
  • Oz Doggy lists 20 dog rescue and animal shelter links. Since 2004, we encourage all prospective dog owners to consider saving a dog from a local shelter. These dogs often have short and uncertain futures. Give them the love they need!
    Animal Shelter
    Melbourne Victoria 3186
  • We rescue abandoned pets from Death Row & find them new loving homes
    Animal Shelter
    Sydney New South Wales 2224
  • The AAPS is an animal shelter located at 10 Homeleigh Road, Keysborough, 3173, Victoria, Australia
    Animal Shelter
    Victoria 3173
  • Chihuahua Rescue is a non-profit full time rescue dedicated to rescuing chihuahuas
    Animal Shelter
  • Fundraising site for dog rescue shelters. Has an online Art & Craft Gallery and educational cartoons for kids.
    Animal Shelter
  • Friends of the Pound are a volunteer, not-for-profit organisation dedicated to helping homeless dogs & cats. Adoption not destruction.
    Animal Shelter
    New South Wales
  • Jack Russell Rescue is a not for profit organistation.
    Animal Shelter
    New South Wales
  • Paws 'n' Hooves rescues unwanted and abandoned dogs from pounds and shelters in some Sydney and NSW country areas.
    Animal Shelter
    Sydney New South Wales 2770
  • Pets Haven is a pro-life animal shelter that rescues homeless, lost or abandoned cats & dogs and find them new homes.
    Animal Shelter
    Victoria 3442
  • A website containing useful info about your rights and responsibilities to your pet AND your neighbours. State Government of Victoria, Australia
    Animal Shelter
    Melbourne Victoria 3000
  • If you are looking for an older RR or are looking to rehome you RR call Ricki on 07 5529 9903
    Animal Shelter
    goldcoast Queensland 4212
  • A site dedicated to highlighting Silky, Aussie and Yorkie Terriers in rescue Australia wide.
    Animal Shelter
    Australia Wide
  • Give Pets A Chance (GPAC) is a charitable organisation whose aim is to improve the welfare of companion animals through education and awareness
    Animal Shelter
    New South Wales 2023
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniels - Rescue SYDNEY. It is such a delight rescuing Cavalier King Charles Spaniels as they give so much love and they really try to please. I cannot understand why somebody would mistreat a Cavalier or any animal.
    Animal Shelter
    Sydney New South Wales 2100

Oz Doggy is focused on responsible pet ownership and supporting pet rescue in Australia. The ability to improve the quality of life for dogs and save animals from euthanasia, particularly in large urban areas, remains one of the founding goals of Oz Doggy. We encourage prospective dog owners to consider the merits of adopting a dog that may have lost its way and need someone to give it love. Directory currently includes pet rescue in West Australia, New South Wales (inc Botany, City of Sydney, Hurstville, Kogarah, Leichhardt, Randwick, Rockdale, Waverley, Marrickville, Woollahra) Victoria and Darwin. Pet rescue specific for Pugs, Whippets, Jack Russell, Greyhound, Chihuahua, 

Animal Welfare League of South Australia
Helping to care for thousands of lost and abandoned companion animals.