Why did I want this dog? Not everyone needs a dog, but a dog needs people.

Supplied by Danielle Janssen-Groesbeek

Remember first: What kinda dog is it what I have, where are they bred for? This are the first steps you need to think of/ remember. Can you see anything in your dogs behaviour, after knowing where he/she is bred for, what is obvious now? Learn a puppy/dog to be in a crate while beeing alone and at night. This way they have no stound/ noice stimuli from outside. Start with only a few minutes, and never open the crate while the dog is barking or howling. Then it is a reward and he/she will not stop barking/ howling anymore. A dog loves to be in a crate if trained properly. The Crate is ALWAYS positive and alsways goes along with a treat. Never put a dog in his/her crate for punishment. If your dog is used to the crate, he/she will see this as a safe haven. A dog is not bred for beeing alone, annoying and beeing loud and nervous. They NEED calm environment. SO put the crate in a calm area in your house or garage. You do not need to feel sorry, your dog need/ wants calmness.

Before and after work you need to walk the dog. If there is not enough time or you can't walk your dog because bad behaviour on the leash, let him/her go potty and give them tomething to do while you go to work. Brain games tire a dog more than 1 hr running! Use empty toiletrols, put some food in it and make a wab of paper and put it in both ends so he need to pull the wab out first. Give him/her a Kong( rubber toy) put some meat or treats in it and give this. Empty shoebox, put in this empty shoe box the empty toiletrolls with the treats. You can make all kinda puzzles for your dog. All dogs like it to work for their food. Go biking with you dog when its a energetic dog wich want to run. We bike with all 4, they love it. Do not let your dog know/feel the nervous early morning ritual from going to work and almost be late. GET UP EARLY enough, just for the dog. Because, when you not do anything to this behaviour they will take your dog away from you.

Remember yourself: "Why did I want this dog/ breed"?

Not everyone needs a dog, but a dog needs people.