Barking dogs are stressed dogs

Advice from Paw Behaviour - Melbourne

WOOF WOOF WOOF! --- shhhhhhh

Barking dogs are stressed dogs causing stress!

Do you have fun with your dog & walk him daily? Do you play games and teach him tricks? Does he come inside and join in family activities? If your dog is not stimulated and feels isolated, he will bark.

Training will help?

A positive reinforcement training program is the most effective way to manage barking. Shouting at your dog or using punishment is not effective, may cause further stress to the dog and more barking. You could be contributing to your dog’s barking problem by giving attention while he is barking!

What you can do?

Thow away the food bowl, feed in a Kong toy or treat ball . Give your dog some “work” to do while you are away and prevent him becoming “self-employed”, practicing barking, digging and chewing. We can show you how. Use barriers to prevent dogs seeing passers by. Reward no barking! Try a Thundershirt of flower essence remedies.