Q: Allergy to dog Saliva

Q: Allergy to dog Saliva

Question: Allergy to dog saliva

My daughter and I haven?t worried too much about my jack russell licking her baby's face as he is wormed etc regularly and in good health. Son-in-law on the other hand is not happy about the j r even being near his son. Baby is now nearly one year old and on his last two contacts with my j r he has come out in red blotches where he has been licked. This reaction includes quite badly bloodshot eyes if his eyes have been licked. The first time this occurred we thought it was a grass allergy but now are certain that it is a result of the licking. do you know of other similar cases and what is the cause - i wondered if it could be hydrochloric acid or something similar in the saliva as i know dogs saliva is self disinfecting.
Posted: 06/11/2005

Answer: Dog Saliva

Generally, it is stated that humans are immune to most dog germs. Although as a baby's immune system is not fully developed, one can not expect for the babies body to deal with your pups affection as adults do. Though dog saliva can kill some bacteria, it contains its own exotic bacteria that can cause serious infections, especially in people whose immune systems are weak (i.e. babies). Human saliva helps us to break down food in mouths, where as a dogs saliva only really acts as a lubricant for swallowing. Have you noticed how dogs just gulp down their food? They have a more complex digestive system than us, so technically speaking all they have to do it swallow, rather than chew - their digestive system breaks down the food for them in their guts. Where as we break down our food by chewing it first. So our saliva is very very different to theirs.

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