My 5 month old Beagle jumps up and bites peoples faces

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My 5 month old Beagle jumps up and bites peoples faces

My puppy who is a 5month old Beagle, she always jumps up and bites peoples faces and as she lives with kids she is biting there faces. i have taught her the basic training and a bit more. i get her to sit now before she gets attention which seems to work but not most of the time because as you bend down she will jump up and bite your face. is it normal?.i think she might be trying give kisses but hasnt got the hang of it.can you help me to stop her from doing that please?
Posted: 18/09/2006

Answer: Face biter
I would say she is trying to give you a sort of unique greeting which has turned in to a bit of a game. Your doing a great job asking her to sit before she receives some attention. 10 stars for good work! Make sure you keep this up. If she jumps up and nibbles on you, no matter what reaction you give her - she will love it. As mentioned I think this has turned in to a game for her. Next time she does it, give her the silent treatment. Walk away from her quickly and don't even look at her. Ignore her for at least 5 minutes after the event. The main rule with puppies is to be very very clear.
Posted: 26/09/2006

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