Australian Terriers keep getting out

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Australian Terriers keep getting out

I have 2 Australian terrier dogs 1 is 2.5 and the other is 1. They keep getting out there was a stage of 6 months where they didnt get out and now its started again it is driving my partner and i to our wits end and we even built new fences to keep them in and it doesnt work. They also like to play on main roads and at this stage havent been hurt. We keep giving them new things to play with but they destroy them soon after we give them to them. Please help us we are stressing out about it and open to any solutions. Shell
Posted: 19/09/2006

Answer: Australian Terriers keep getting out
Hi Shell. I know of a Aus Terrier called Robby and he can jump higher than any dog I have met before!!! Despite your best efforts I think they are bored. Are you able to increase their daily walks? Maybe employ a dog walker? Maybe talk a local school kid in to entertaining them after school for some pocket money? I think you just need to beat them at their own game. In this situation simple stuffed toys wont do the job. You need to have intelligent toys that will keep them thinking e.g. a kong or stuff a small soft drink bottle with some treats and hang it almost out of reach of a tree branch .. get really creative. Good luck. Aus Terriers are fabo dogs!
Posted: 26/09/2006

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