Key factors when dealing with a Breeder. (Beccy)

Key factors when dealing with a Breeder. (Beccy)

Most registered and respected breeders, will only actively breed one or two breeds.

Puppy farmers may breed any where from five breeds and up. Stick with the smaller breeders.

Stay away from news paper block adds, if this seems your best option - then carefully research the listings.

If a breeder offers a direct debit or a credit card option for the purchase of your pup - you can rest assured, they are not a concerned or loving breeder.

Respected breeders know, that if you can not afford the puppy out-right, then you will not be able to afford the vet bills, medication, proper food etc. As they care about the puppies they breed, they would not except you as a suitable owner for the pup. Puppy Farmers just want their money, and want it now. They don't care as to the health and happiness of the pup in the future.

A Puppy Farmer generally cannot, or will not, let you see the parents of the puppy offered for sale. He/she generally will not let you see how the animals are bred or the conditions in which the puppies live.

A Puppy Farmer generally may claim that the puppy is "Registered", although 'A Puppy Farmer' generally will be unable to offer "Kennel Club Registration".

Contributed by Beccy of North Shore Dogs. See listing under dog walkers for service on Sydneys North Shore.

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