Staffordshire Bull Terrior - Taking Fit/collapsing

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Staffordshire Bull Terrior - Taking Fit/collapsing

I have a staffordshire bull terrior approx 6yrs old 100% healthy yet once a year in the summer when it is quite hot she takes a small fit where her head pulls to one side & her eye shuts & her body judders as she falls to the floor i have always caught her & held her, talking to her to reasure her until its over, this fit like attack lasts about 10 minutes then she is back to normal again. i took her straight to the vets where she was checked over and given a clean bill of health i dont understand this does anyione know?? could this be a seizure or epilepsy or possibly heat stroke? is this common in other staffy`s?
Posted: 23/08/2008

Answer: Staffordshire Bull Terrior - Taking Fit/collapsing
It's hard to pin point in humans why seizures happen. It's even more difficult in animals. Considering you mention the heat, this could be a good lead. If it's happening only once or twice a year, the negative side effects of medicating your Staffy possibly out-weight the pro's. You also seem very aware and cautious regarding her condition meaning your Vet my feel comfortable that you can cope and handle this situation with minimal or negative impact to her. Be sure to keep note of what does happen around the time of a seizure if more do occur and make sure you keep your vet in the loop, or seek a second opinion if you are still concened.
Posted: 12/09/2008


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