Picnic in Dog Park? Bad idea. (Beccy)

Picnic in Dog Park? Bad idea. (Beccy)

When arriving at the dog park today, with Jess, Bella, Bimba and Oscar - a group of five decided the dog park would be a good place to have a picnic
with their new born and 3 todlers. This maybe understandable if they had the family dog with them, but no dog was present.

This bothered me. If I was to be the owner of a todler, I would consider more hygenic and safe places for my child to play and consume food and

As I am paid to allow dogs to run, be free and play .... I decided to let them off the lead anyway. It is my responsibility! I can't very well tell
owners/my clients 'Sorry, some strange people decided to have a picnic at the dog park today, so I couldn't let the dogs off the lead."

So - Jess went straight to the pram (I don't have the heart to tell her she will never be able to bear children/puppies herself one day, as she has been
desexed) and stuck her nose in it. The older woman with the walking stick (and leg bandaged up) tried to shooo her away. She then went to inspect the
picnic blanket.

Meanwhile, Oscar ... who was sniffing around in the back ground - was plotting his plan of attack.

Jess ran up to the children, and introduced herself to them.

Glares from the parents of these children, came apparent. Another dog owner and I giggled, although attempted to look concerned. We discussed how many
times we have seen dogs urinate and defiacte in the area, in which they sat.

A few minutes passed, and then Oscar offered his priceless lesson - as to why not to picnic at dog parks ...

He helped himself to a drink ..... out of one of the mothers cups.

Contributed by Beccy of North Shore Dogs. See listing under dog walkers for service on Sydneys North Shore.

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