Kelpie pup barks at night

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Kelpie pup barks at night

I have a 4 month old Kelpie cross pup, male, desexed. He goes to sleep okay but wakes in the night and barks incessantly. Any suggestions? Should we ignore the behaviour, or is there something we can do to stop it? Sleepless.
Posted: 27/02/2008 

Answer: Kelpie pup barks at night
Is there a noise waking him up? Like a possum running on the roof, or anything that goes bump in the night? If so ? you might like to try leaving a radio on. Loud enough to dull out any ambient noises. Secondly, he may be dreaming ? and waking himself up. Lastly: it may even be some form of seizure activity. Defiantly try and figure out what he is waking up to. Dependant, a radio may do the job. If not, you may need to speak with your vet.
Posted: 07/03/2008


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