Question: Excessive scratching - young pup

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Question: Excessive scratching - young pup

Question: Excessive scratching - young pup
Hi :) I have an 8-week-old pup who was purchased from another family when he was 7 weeks, and I've noticed that he is excessively scratching the area around his ears and nibbling the base of his tail. As a result he's now lost quite a bit of hair on the back and side of his ears, and is looking a bit moth-eaten. He has been on the flea/tick liquid treatment since I got him, has a flea collar, and was treated for ear mites by the vet a week ago. All he eats is the 'Supercoat' puppy food, and I'm positive that it's not a grass allergy. I also doubt that it's atopy because he's simply too young. Have you seen this problem with a pup before, or have any tips in dealing with itchiness?
Posted: 13/11/2005

Answer: Excessive Scratching
As you say he is itching his ears and tail, and commonly these are the areas that would be prone to dragging on the ground so it would be easy for him to pick up something in these areas that would cause him discomfort. So, it could be something in your garden or it could be dietary. In these cases, you need a huge process of elimination. This i shall detail for you in a email, as there is not enough space to explain all in this notice board!
Posted: 14/11/2005

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