The Responsibility (Beccy)

The Responsibility (Beccy)

When looking at my Jack Russell X, who we adopted just over a year ago ? I wonder what on earth goes through some peoples heads, when they purchase a dog. Do they think they just have to feed it, and walk it once a day ? and that?s about it? Why isn?t there some governing body to protect these poor, innocent animals from being mistreated ? prior to their sale?

No matter what training method I take with my Jimbo - it doesn?t work. No matter how many times I try to leave my house ? he still frets. No matter how many times I try to socialise him ? he still gets himself in to trouble.

What did these people, who had this beautiful boy for the first two years of his life ? do to him? Or not do to/with him?

So many of my clients, know exactly what to do with their dogs and how to get the most out of them and how to give them the best life. But why is it, that some people are so unaware?

Rather than trying to fix the problem, when it is almost too late (being, trying to re-home unwanted dogs), why hasn?t someone come up with the bright idea to insure a standard, at the point of the sale for these dogs? So that the problem of a dog being un-wanted ? never happens in the first place?

Who is going to act on behalf of these puppies, when they are in that pet shop window? Why is our tax money and council rates being spent on pounds, when it could be spent on more dog parks, and off the lead areas? This is an ever decreasing circle.

Contributed by Beccy of North Shore Dogs. See listing under dog walkers for service on Sydneys North Shore.

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