For the love of the Dog. (Beccy)

For the love of the Dog. (Beccy)

My cousin is about to have her first baby, in two weeks. We are all so excited! Her brother-in law, lives inter state. Although, it seems he/they will not come to see them, when the baby is born ? as they don?t want to leave their dog.

I am constantly amazed, as to what these four legged, fur balls of fun ? really mean to people. This dog will prevent, the owner from seeing his first born, niece!

Yes, my dog Jimbo, can inhibit my fun at times. I am sometimes worried to go out for the night, as he may howl his way through the whole evening, and early morning. But, there is a solution. I don?t like it, or really agree with it, but I can medicate him ? if need be.

There is always a solution for these guys. There is always a boarding kennel, vet, trainer, or groomer. So why do people use these dogs as an excuse, way out or as a safety net? I don?t doubt their intentions, and that they are trying to do the right thing ? but when is to far, just plain ? to far?

Contributed by Beccy of North Shore Dogs. See listing under dog walkers for service on Sydneys North Shore.

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