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Border Collie (Jessie is pictured above)

The Border Collie was bred for herding livestock, especially sheep, around the Anglo-Scottish border. It is the most common breed in the Collie family.

The use of dogs for herding sheep is very reliable and economic and their work can amount up to that of 5 humans, especially in Australia's outback areas. They are also used to remove unwanted wild birds from airport runways, golf courses and other areas.

Their personality is extremely energetic and athletic. They are very successful in dog sports such as fly-ball, frisbee competitions, tracking trials (missing humans) and also sheepdog trials. They are often thought to be one of the most intelligent dogs as they can learn up to 1,022 human commands or words.

The name 'Border Collie' came from its probable place of origin (Scottish and English borders).

Border Collies are medium sized dogs, with a moderate amount of fur which does not shed too much. Their coats come in different colours; the most popular is the black and white, followed by a brown and white, ginger/red and white or a blue and white which is like a grey-brown. They can also have single coloured or tri-coloured coats.

Border Collies require lengthy exercise and mental stimulation daily. Therefore they are better off in a household that can provide them with plenty of play with humans and dogs as they are a working dog breed. If they are not stimulated or exercised enough, they can act out of boredom and chew things or dig holes, because of this, a large amount of Border Collies end up in shelters or rescues. Their breed is not suitable for households with small children, cats and other little dogs due to their constant desire to herd. People need to bear in mind that this was bred into them over a hundred years ago.

A Border Collie has an average lifespan of 12 years old but can live up to 17 years old. Their leading cause of death is cancer and old age.

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