Preserving the Archetypal flock guard: VOLKODAV Central Asian Shepherds.

The Central Asian Sheep-dog (Volkodav, Turkmen Wolfhound or Alabai) is an ancient breed nursed for millenia in the territory of modern Turkmenistan - protector of nomadic tribes and man's best friend, it is a dog born from harsh environments demanding survival from only those of the strongest constitution and unwaivering nervous system.

Historically prized as loyal protector and indomitable fighter of predators - the courage and emotional capacity of the Turkmen Alabai has seen the praises of their working prowess in the lands of Uzbekistan, Iran, Tadjikistan, and Kazakhstan.

Valued for their strength and endurance in extreme climate and terrain, it is the legendary survival capabilities of the Central Asian which has seen it survive the tests of time from the Bronze Age until today. 

The Central Asian is a majestic natural breed, possessed of wild beauty and noble bearing.  It's character is one of calm stoicism, unflappable temperament and isurmountable tolerance to children.  Never a dog to lose patience with its human family, undemanding even to its own detriment - the Central Asian is loyal, steadfast and inextricably duty bound and will give its life in carrying out its purpose as guardian.

A large, powerful and athletic dog - possessed of great intelligence, tenacity and courage - the Central Asian is a not a dog that backs down from a confrontation, nor shows its fear.  They are today the dogs of their history: protectors of their human family - executioner of guard duties, killer of snakes and fighter of wolves.  The history of the Central Asian is the quintessance of its character and qualities - one cannot possess this ancient noble breed without also accepting the land and rigours which formed and preserved the Turkmen Alabai.

For this reason the Central Asian is not the dog for first time dog owners, or those unfamiliar with dog behaviour.  It is a natural dog with strong instincts to protect and defend.  One cannot annex the dogs history in an effort to make the breed more suitable to modern Western ideals and popular requirements.  Turkmen Alabai are what they are and always have been.

While individuals make great show dogs, they should not be kept in kennels and bred and raised for show teams - Central Asians belong with their family and the land.  An intelligent and emotional dog, Central Asians thrive on companionship and 'need' a family - be it human or livestock - to bond with and feel forever an integral part. 

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