Among the breed's talents are; working, watchdog, guard dog, tracker, police dog & devoted loyal family pet.Breed Description supplied by Itacor


ITACOR Est2000 The pioneers, breeders, exhibitors and trainers to have the breed recognised and approved by the ANKC & NZKC as the 52nd new pedigree throughout Australasia

Origin  Italy Puglia (South Italy)

The Cane Corso is directly descented from the old Roman Mastiff.  The Corso is light on his feet making him agile, with impressive speed for such a large dog.  Build powerfully muscled expressing strenght, and grace in movement.  In the past the breed was a hunting dog of wild boar, stag, bear and large animals.  He was used as a butcher's/drover dog, protector of live stock and gladiator war dog in Rome , Middle East and Europe.

Best described as a all rounder mastiff, giant lap dog.  Able to withstand harsh weather conditions, expresses loyalty and continues to be the protector, guardian of home and handler.  He is extremily intellegent, a quick visual learner enjoying human companionship.  He is not a dog for solitude, he requires moderate excersise and enjoys water activities.

The Cane Corso is also known as the Italian Mastiff.  His name has many meanings from Latin Cane for "dog" pronounced "ca-nay", Corso means "course" "chase" "dog of the chase".  Or cohors, meaning "protector" or "bodyguard" Greek Corso kortos meaning "dog that guards the property" A working dog.

The Corso dog is extremily intellegent and alert, he expresses agility and endurance.   Powerfully muscled with solid equilibrium.  A sound even-minded dog, suspicious of strangers, a thinker, admires his family, children and other pet.  He requires early socialization and obedience training allowing you to thoroughly enjoy this grand companion and guardian.

Size: Males 64-68cm 45-55kg, Females 60-64cm 40-50kg.

Diet: A well balanced fresh diet to include meats, offal, fish, vegetables, fruits ect.  A Breeder will be more than happy to provide you with the required balanced diet necessary to maintain a healthy happy Corso.  

He will make the ideal family companion, guard dog for home or work, a training companion for athlets, obedience/agility, show exhibit dog, your loyal friend.

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