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The Siberian Husky originated in the north east of Siberia. The breed is similar to the Alaskan malamute and is closely related to the Spitz family. DNA analysis confirms that the Husky is one of the oldest breeds of dog.

Huskies are medium sized, weighing in between 16 to 25 kgs, they?re energetic and are resilient as they worked in extremely cold and harsh conditions of the arctic. They were bred as sled dogs to carry heavy loads over long distances.

Tribes of people were able to survive and Admiral Robert Peary of the USA Navy was aided by Huskies during his expeditions to the North Pole. Huskies were also used in World War II for the arctic search and rescue unit.

They come in a variety of colours and patterns but usually have striking masks, spectacles and other facial markings which look wolf-like. The most common colour is black and white or grey and white. Their coat is thicker than most breeds as they have two layers, a dense undercoat and a longer top coat. Because of this, they are able to withstand temperatures as low as -60 degrees Celsius.

Huskies are known to howl rather than bark. They can be trained but it must be consistent as they are very independent. Huskies are famous escape artists and will run off when off the leash so be wary of this. Huskies can also become bored easily so they must have daily exercise otherwise this can lead to excessive howling, crying or chewing on things.

They are highly intelligent but again can become easily bored and may stop listening to commands. Some are known to mimic humans with actions, eg. open doors with their paws.

Their life span is approximately 12-15 years and some common illnesses are seizures and eye defects.

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