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Cavalier King Charles Spaniels - Rescue SYDNEY. It is such a delight rescuing Cavalier King Charles Spaniels as they give so much love and they really try to please. I cannot understand why somebody would mistreat a Cavalier or any animal.

These photo's are of past rescues. There are no available rescue's at the moment.

About our Cavalier Rescue

I have been rescuing Cavalier King Charles Spaniels for 13 years now and it is very sad to see how some dogs are treated. Though some I do rescue are not mistreated they are just not wanted or they cannot be looked after anymore.

About my Service:


It is such a delight rescuing Cavalier King Charles Spaniels as they give so much love and they really try to please. I cannot understand why somebody would mistreat a Cavalier or any animal. They are a loyal, loving, and very intelligent fun dog that will give you joy for the rest of their lives. 

Do you have an unwanted Cavalier or a Cavalier that you can no longer look after?

If you are in a situation where u can no longer keep your Cavalier then u should be happy u have found my rescue. I am here to give your cavalier the best possible home that it truly deserves. I believe that Cavaliers deserve a chance and I can guarantee to ensure they will go to a new loving home suited to their needs.

Having a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a privilege not a right they are such a happy loving dog. I believe a Cavalier is a member of the family and I seek like minded applicants wanting to welcome a Cavalier into their family and acknowledge that having a Cavalier is for life.

It seems lately people who would like to be added on my waiting list are not after rescue dog. As a rescue dog is a dog that has been surrendered and may have problems either being physically or medically, or the previous owner cannot look after them anymore or the past owners have no time for the dog or the dog is too much to handle. Yes sometimes they do come without any problems and that is a bonus.

It seems most people are very specific asking for a puppy not older than 6months or no older than 1-2 years. Please you need to realize I normally only receive rescues from 3-11 years. Therefore if u are after a puppy you need to go to a breeder and choose what you exactly want from them.

This is not what a rescue is about and it totally saddens me that people will not see past the problems of some of the rescues and see these are a beautiful loving dogs.

Yes sometimes with rescues it may cost u more but to think u have saved that Cavaliers life and given it a loving home that it deserves and see that dog so happy is such a joy.


Would You Like to be Added to my Waiting List?

Please call or email with your name, email, phone number, where you live, if you have a fenced yard, if you have any young children or any other pets. When one comes avaialble that suits your needs I will contact you to advise you I have a suitable match.


My Cavalier King Charels Spaniel Rescue is not a profit charity, I run this rescue on my own. I do not receive any government funding and rely on donations with the shortfall coming out of my own pocket. 100% of your donations goes to helping these beautiful cavalier king charles spaniels that are in need. My main costs are vet bills which are quiet large sometimes, desexing, microchipping, pound release fees, food, bedding, pet transport carriers, petrol costs for transport and lots more. Please if you are able to help with any of these or any small donations would greatly be appreciated as no matter how small the donation is this will help me to save more cavalier king charles spaniels. Thanking you for your consideration to help me help the cavalier king charles spaniel.

I am located on the Northern Beaches Sydney.

Are you aware a Cavalier needs to be groomed/brushed regularly?

They do shed hair daily.

They are an inside dog and love to follow u around.

They do need exercise regularly as they totally love their food.



Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Rescue  

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